About Me

A techy that integrates technology into clinical counseling. Masters of Arts in Social Work, Educational Administration and Teaching English as a Second Language. I possess a school social work and school administration certificate. Tech skills from: conferences, workshops and university classes.

I started this blog as a way to assist fellow clinicians with overcoming their fear of incorporating web 2.0 and technology into clinical practice.  As I began to write and discuss my ideas with friends, I found that the way that I utilize technology within the helping professions, can also be useful for parents too. 

I’m a big Joel Osteen fan, so motivating others is my specialty 🙂  I am currently employed at Chicago Public Schools with some of the best in the tech field.  Gadgets, young adult books and technology are a couple of my passions. I’m an avid skier and roller skater and of course I’m a people person !!

4 responses to “About Me

  1. Cassandra McKay-Jackson

    Hey Margaret, this is Cassandra I am writing a federal grant to support school social work and am need of ways to incorporate more technology within the curriculum. Can you give me a call or send an email so we can talk about what is out there to include within the grant. Thanks!


  2. Hi Margaret!
    Thinking about you.


    • Oh my God! I just was thinking of you also. I saw a picture of you in a photo book, and then I thought about all of the wonderful things you did in your classroom and the dancing, and the new life you are having. I know things should be going well there with you. I have to call you sometime ,I’ll reach out and give you my number


  3. Cassandra McKay-Jackson

    Hi Margaret, I am looking for a Bitstrips for schools replacement. There are several apps that claim to be an alternative but do you have any suggestions? Thanks much, Cassandra


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