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Control Your Identity on Social Media, or Someone Else Will

With the new year just in, I couldn’t help but share this informative slideshare made by Susan M. Bearden, about managing your online identity.  This information is so important for all to be aware of, especially our students, who know no other way than getting acquainted through social media.  You can get other great information from following Susan on twitter @s_bearden.  

This is funny but so true.  Have you ever been in a scenario where there is a group of people all interacting and sharing.  The teens in the group seem to not interact with each other, or so you think.  This is where social media comes into play.  All it takes is a small conversation consisting of, “are you on instagram, and what’s your snapchat name,” and its all done.  Your teens/young adults get social, often in the same room, while the party is going on, on separate sides of the room, and it continues after they’ve left.  You wonder and ask, “when did you meet that person, and how do you know so much about them?”  The answer, SOCIAL MEDIA!  

Check out your digital footprint, and see what you find out.

In what ways has social media affected you or someone else?  Leave a reply and share your thoughts.

More advice from the folks at Flocabulary- Post safely!