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Teacher’s Class Behavior Pro – From the Android Market

Record behaviors with a tap of the button!  This app is awesome to keep track of behaviors you are documenting or doing and observation on.  Its excellent when using the BOSS data collection protocol.  Just put in the behaviors you want to monitor and when you see them tap the button and it will be recorded.  You can email the data to yourself to keep for your records and to print out.  This app doesn’t put the data into a chart, but you can easily find a chart making tool such as chart dog, word, excel or others.  You can find this app on the android market for use on your smart phone or android tablet.  The cost for the app is $.099 for the Pro version.  The free version has preset behaviors that can’t be changed.  Currently not on the Ipad.


Everyone is all in an uproar about apps.  It seems to be the new buzz word around town, but what is an app, and whats it to you?

Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device. 

So whats a widget?  Just think of a widget as an icon or symbol that represents the application (app).  It’s no different from the icon for Publisher, Word, Excel ect..  Since so many new technology devices have come out recently, that don’t use a mouse or toggle ball, how would you start the application?  That’s the magic behind the widget. Its like the doorbell covering over the electricity 🙂

So for those app thirsty people, who just want to explore, here are some starter links for you. 

One Small Request: if you find an app that is outstanding, put a comment on my site and tell us about it.  What made it fun, exciting, therapeutic, educational or just plain Dynamite!

The Android

Love That Android Market

These are good starter lists for you to review and see if some of them will address your needs  I can get more specific but for your reading pleasure relax and explore.  A lot of apps are mentioned, but have they been tested out, that’s the key.  I will review apps that I think are worthwhile here at the “Pad”, but one at a time :0
I think this is enough for now (LOL)