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Schools out, vacations here, and its summertime; it’s your chance to organize!


Diigo, collect, organize and share
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Have you ever wanted to have your favorites (web sites) accessible from any computer at any time.  Do you want a better way to organize your favorites and have the ability to share your favorite sites with others.  What about having a group of like minded individuals share web sites and great finds with each other at one location where they can be referenced by the group continuously and commented on.  Look no more because diigo is your tool!  I would suggest that when choosing a tool to collect, share, highlight, annotate, and access anywhere you check out diigo.  I have used diigo for some time now and found it useful to have the ability to bookmark a web site or page that I feel is useful, and be able to share it with others instantly or just file it to return to later.  Diigo has been valuable as a research tool for me, as I have joined a couple of groups that collect and share bookmarks consistently.  As you begin to organize your sites that you reference professionally, diigo is great for this.  I think this is my first go to place as I am collecting and curating my web finds.  I suggest adding the diigolet tool to your favorites bar (this is very easy) so you can just click on the icon and bookmark instantly.  After collecting and organizing your bookmarks, you can then take your resources and place them in other web tools such as Pintrest, Scoopit, Livebinders etc., as a more visually stunning way of showcasing your collections.   I will discuss these tools and more,  as I write more on tools that help you organize.