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Popular Social Media Apps – What’s Hot and What’s Not -Don’t Get Fooled

During my daily read, I found a wonderful site that gives tons of information about keeping teens, parents, and professionals safe on-line.    One video that was extremely informative was the, “Popular App Guide for Parents and Teachers.”  It is worth looking at from beginning to end as it is eye-opening.

Off course you can find something unsafe about many social media apps.   The Safe Smart Social site attempts to  explain to those that aren’t so familiar with social media, the way social media apps can be positive, and how to look out for those innocent appearing apps, that can be used for negative behavior.  Below is the video from Safe Smart Social that is definitely worth sharing.

There is a lot of other great information on the Safe Smart Social site.  How will you use this information?  Are there other comments you could make about these apps.  Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



Using apps to teach emotions? Try out these free apps.

A good free app for teaching emotions
A good free app for teaching emotions

I try to use the apps I review  for at least a month or more with students before I am ready to recommend them as a useful app.  My first review is of Moody Monster Manor.  I really like this app as it gives you a lot of play time and teaches a variety of emotions.  This app is a game that has 20 different monsters with 20 emotions.  Each monster has a cleaver name associated with its emotion, such as Tired Tilly or Worried Wanda.  There are four games that children can play with others that are to come (these are the locked doors) at a later date.  As of now there aren’t any in app purchases required and this app is FREE!  The games are easy to navigate and take about a minute to play.  This app is best for children ages 3-7 and is very good to use with autistic children that are learning about emotions.  This app is available for download  iTunes.

Emotions - ABA Flash Card

Emotions – ABA Flash Card

The next app that I found to be truly worth downloading was the emotions flash card app, by Alligator Apps.  This app has 20 different emotions with very nice pictures that match the emotions.  There are a number of ways to use the flash cards.  In the settings tab, you can find a variety of play modes and games.  There are four exciting game modes to choose from.  You can customize the flashcards and even personalize the cards to add a photo and voice to your own flashcards.  This is a great app to use if you are teaching emotions.  This app is also free and is available to download at the iTunes store.

Make Your Own Buttons On Your iPad

The site, Class Tech Tips, has great tips and app reviews weekly regarding usage of the iPad.  I’m not as fond of the iPad as the Android tablets, mostly because of some of the limitations the iPad has.  This site is helping me embrace the iPad movement with its great suggestions. I often try out the tips and apps from this page on the iPads in my school and with my students.  Kudos to the author!  Check out this cool trick.

Make Your Own Buttons.Make your own icons

ImageChef: An Excellent Tool To Create Word Clouds

ImageChef Word Mosaic -

This lovely word cloud was made using a tool in the ImageChef library of templates.  They call it a word mosaic in their library but what ever you want to call it, you can make some interesting and thought-provoking images with this tool.  I like ImageChef because of its flexibility to be used on the iPad, Android tablet and computer.  ImageChef is free through iTunes but the app costs $1.99 through Google Play android store.  Of course it is free to use on the computer.  These images can be saved to you computer, exported to various social media, and printed out to use as a piece of art.  

These word clouds can be use to create therapeutic statements or poems.  Students can input feelings vocabulary or statements that are thoughtful, the uses are endless.   Allow various students to make them, print them out in color and laminate the print to hang on the wall.  What a beautiful wall quilt when all placed together.  Students love to see their work of expression showcased in your office space.  Check out ImageChef, they have much more templates to create with.  My students also liked the photo frames when using the iPad.  They had a treat laughing at themselves in different frames with captions.  

Here are links to other word cloud makers:  Wordle  this one is often used but not easy to save to the computer.  You have to use a screen shot and then paste into the paint tool where you can crop off the unnecessary items on the frame. Tagxedo is a word cloud that uses images as custom shapes, and choose your fonts.  You can even have the word cloud used for custom printing.  And for the younger students go to ABCYa where they make Word Cloud creations so simple!


Everyone is all in an uproar about apps.  It seems to be the new buzz word around town, but what is an app, and whats it to you?

Apps is an abbreviation for application. An app is a piece of software. It can run on the Internet, on your computer, or on your phone or other electronic device. 

So whats a widget?  Just think of a widget as an icon or symbol that represents the application (app).  It’s no different from the icon for Publisher, Word, Excel ect..  Since so many new technology devices have come out recently, that don’t use a mouse or toggle ball, how would you start the application?  That’s the magic behind the widget. Its like the doorbell covering over the electricity 🙂

So for those app thirsty people, who just want to explore, here are some starter links for you. 

One Small Request: if you find an app that is outstanding, put a comment on my site and tell us about it.  What made it fun, exciting, therapeutic, educational or just plain Dynamite!

The Android

Love That Android Market

These are good starter lists for you to review and see if some of them will address your needs  I can get more specific but for your reading pleasure relax and explore.  A lot of apps are mentioned, but have they been tested out, that’s the key.  I will review apps that I think are worthwhile here at the “Pad”, but one at a time :0
I think this is enough for now (LOL)