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Learn while in your pj’s

You say you would like to learn about all the new tech resources, how to choose the best apps for your tablet, learn more about digital citizenship,or collect data using web tools.  Where will you find the time to learn all this? Well look no further than Simplek12.  This site is a place where you can go to view free webinars, lesson plans, social media plans and more.  I am a member of the SimpleK12 community and enjoy being able to learn new tech ideas any time I want.  I learned about the site when I attended the Florida Educators Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando a couple of years ago.  I attended their seminar, put my business card in the give away box, and won a free full subscription.  I have continued my membership by keeping an eye out for the continuous specials they offer throughout the year.  They have BOGO, half off, and discount days.  The basic membership is free and allows you to access a certain amount of webinars but offer other webinars and items for a small fee.  As mentioned previously there are continuous sales on webinars, downloads, ebooks etc..  There is a resource center that has it all; Lesson plans, activity sheets, presentations, online videos, interactive tools, useful websites and most for free.  The webinar learning can be used as professional development, and simplek12 supplies certificates when finishing a course or seminar.  Check out the site, I couldn’t possibly write about it all.  If you want to learn technology usage and web resources at your own pace, while relaxing in your pj’s, then check out simplek12.com

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