Well this is my first post to my new blog!  I am so excited.   I decided on the name the “social work pad” for three reasons: PAD: a cool home (one you like to come to) , something you can write on and a technology device.  Presto! thesocialworkpad :0

I have been working on learning how to navigate WordPress for a couple of months now and I finally think I have it!  I will probably make changes to the look of my page but I wanted to get a post out by January and here it is.

This blog will be dedicated to bringing you innovative ways to incorporate web 2.0 and other tools into social work, especially for those working in school settings.  I have a lot of information so far and I want to share it with those who assist others; rather it be Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologist etc..  I am planning to develop and present workshops on web 2.0 for Social Workers.  So look out and follow me on my very first blog.  I hope to post something monthly but who knows, once I get into the hang of it you may hear from me more 🙂

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