Engaging reluctant talkers and develop non-threatening environments

Have you ever had a group where you knew someone had something to say but was reluctant to talk.  Are you having trouble getting that shy student to become engaged?  Well these web 2.0 tools may be of use to those students and  allow their voices be heard.  Click on the links or  photos below to learn more..  LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

Teacher Reviews New Student Participation App

TodaysMeet Create a room invite your students and begin to discuss.  You can use this to get feelings about a controversial subject, or express your ideas about a problem.

Read further for  TodaysMeet Advice    CHECK OUT TodaysMeet

Student Response Tool

I really like this one.  This is another student response system (there doesn’t seem like a fee) that has a game component built-in as one of the choices.  Present a topic such as bullying or cybersafety, make an interesting quiz, then use the answers in the game portion 🙂

The Cyber UnGame

Technology Meets the Un Game

One more GOOD one :0  This is the collaborize classroom.  When you look through the teacher resources you find great writing prompts with many ways to differentiate learning. You can add a short video clip, pdf documents, photos, word document ect.. This isn’t a grand stand production where the learning curve is timely. It is easy to set up and manage. For clinicians, you can use this tool for therapeutic conversation starters and evaluating students feelings about topics. A book club discussion group can easily be done on this site and best of all it is free (for now LOL ).

I am still a newbie at this blog thing, so I welcome any recommendations, advice or just plain old motivation.  🙂

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