How to Choose and Remember a Strong Password


Secure Your Passcodes

In the past month I had the opportunity to present to my colleagues on integrating technology into their social work practice.  On resounding issue that I discussed was creating a secure password for your educational web 2.0 sites.  These codes should be different from your personal passcodes that you use for your bank accounts, credit cards, utility bills, etc..  I’m sure that most people are aware that this is not  good practice, but with the use of all the new helpful web 2.0 tools, you now are in need of  additional passcodes.  I tweeted some of the useful articles I found on my twitter account but I decided (since many of my readers may not be users of twitter), to put a post on my blog about creating strong passwords and passphrases.  This is especially important since I encourage my readers to subscribe to a great deal of web sites, which will require a password to be created.  Some great suggestions were given, such as using a password generator or subscribing to a password “safe”, where you store all your passwords and passphrases and only need one code to get to all your other codes.  A good practice in becoming a 21st century social worker is to begin with securing your crafts.  So with that in mind, I will provide you with a couple of good articles that will assist you in creating a strong and memorable password.

Short clip on: Creating a strong passcode   Related articles on passcode creation: How do I create a secure password , 10 things Gen Y do online and shouldn’t, Create Strong but Memorable Passcodes, Sites that store passcodes: LassPass, KeePass Password Safe, 1Password  (only suggestions!)

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