Never to old to play – One exciting event to attend-ChiTAG


ChiTAG stands for Chicago toy and game fair.  If you love game, and even more, games hot off the press, you want to be at this event.  ChiTAG is held in Chicago at Navy Pier on November 17-18, 2012 opening up at 10:00 a.m..  I attended the event last year, and was in heven!  It was fun, fun, fun!  At this fair you get to see new games, inventors of games, play games and purchase games.  As for technology, they have the newest games that fit in the educational genre of tech games.  The entire exhibit hall is filled with booth upon booth of wonderful games.  The life size games are a site to be seen and they are also playable.  You can also receive CPDU’s for attending this event.  Of course there will be kids at this event, but you will also see many adults that are kids at heart.  If you love to play games with your student groups, as I do, go check out ChiTAG if you are in the Chicagoland area.  For clinicians this is the place to be to pick up new tricks for the trade.  Every social worker loves a new game for group.  This is worth it and its sure to be a fun filled time.

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