Incorporate Brain Breaks, Exercise, and Calming Techniques In Your Day With GoNoodle

This web-based site is a true gem and something everyone can use at some time or another.  One of the teachers, that I commonly share my web finds with, had a surprise for me. Teacher,  Ms. Harrison, stated that her class had something fun to show me, and the class couldn’t wait to show me.  It was this wonderful site “GoNoddle.”  Hook your computer up to an interactive whiteboard, projector, TV, or play right on your laptop. As long as you can see the screen you can enjoy the fun.  GoNoddle has a variety of activities that are mostly interactive simulation games that get you up exercising, or calming you down.  

One cool part about GoNoddle is that it adds a challenge with the activities.  It only takes two minutes to sign up to GoNoddle and it’s absolutely free!  When you first sign up you have to choose a mascot (a funny looking monster) for your group.  For every 15 minutes of game play on GoNoddle, you gain energy points that increases a growth bar.  The bar rises after you have completed 15 minutes of an activity, and your monster grows bigger.  The group loves seeing the mascot grow and grow after each 15 minutes of game play, and this motivates the students to get up and get involved.  The interactive activities are incorporated with some of today’s coolest characters and songs.  Move your body to Pharrell’s Happy song or dance to the Cha Cha Slide.  If you want to do a calming classroom exercise, play Airtime where the students practice deep breathing.  Go Noddle seems to be geared towards primary age students but I’m certain that with the right introduction, teens and even adults can enjoy activities on GoNoddle.  It’s just so much fun.  Try it out over and over again!  

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  1. Oh, this is a great share! Thanks!


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