Why Instagram is good for promoting your ideas

Why Instagram is good for promoting your ideas or business

As a professional, parent, teacher or counselor, have you ever looked at Instagram and wondered, ” what is this app used for other than silly photos?”  Well Instagram can be used as an online showcase for your clients, students, and individual work.  Many people are using Instagram to show off their talents and skills.  A tattoo artist, beautician, seamstress, cake maker, speaker, etc., can place photos of their talents on Instagram as a way of promoting their crafts.  

As a clinician, Instagram can be used to promote a cause, display service learning ideas, showcase students’ work, or tell a stories of inspiration.  The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” means much more when using Instagram as a promotion tool.  When others like, retweet, or share your Instagram photos you can gain a lot within your business or profession, while also promoting your ideas .  The sky is the limit when using Instagram.  So make Instagram your new tech project and share your creativity in the virtual showcase.  

What are some of the ways you plan to use Instagram?  Please share your ideas.

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