Tech, Tech, and More Tech (and Why I Think It is Cool)

Social workers are beginning to realize the importance technology can play in their practice. One of my colleagues is focusing on how tech can be beneficial for social workers in the health care field in his blog post. He further discusses his ideas on tech in other areas of social work. Great read, ideas and resources.

Stuck on Social Work

I was engaged in a conversation on twitter with Dr. James Legan about this cool project he is working on. He using a Projected Electronic Health Record during patient visits  by putting the health record on a big screen in his office. He also shared some other tech that he is using as a doctor. The more I hang on out twitter the more I end up meeting tech friendly people working on fantastic ideas.

I started out with a modest twitter list called “Mental/Physical Tech”.  It has slowly grown to 114 people and companies that I think are doing some cool stuff with technology.  Also I have been reaching out to people in the health information technology field on twitter (#HITsm). There is a vibrant Social Work and Technology group on Google Plus. So why is this social worker so incredibly interested in technology for healthcare? Dr. Legan…

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