Teach Empathy, Compassion and #SEL With Tools That Create and Display These Concepts


Recently, while doing my tech tools research, I ran across a couple of tools that were easy to use, took little time to create, and were FREE.  All of these tools could be used to make impactful statements or promote a good cause.  On the web site , there is a push to promote safer internet day, which is happening February 11th, 2014.  Students can raise awareness about internet safety and how they are using technology and the internet to make their world safer.  The idea is that students can share one good thing they have done, or seen on this website  (more examples are on  The following tools shared below are excellent ways you can make a statement, demonstrate social emotional learning or just have great fun.


Recite is a tool that allows you to type your statement right into the quote box, scroll…

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