Were You Ready For Distance Learning? 5 Tips School Social Workers And Students Can Use Now

Disclaimer – I’m not going to try to reinvent the wheel.  These articles say it better than me!


I will Be posting more tips and ideas of how you can incorporate technology/ distance learning into your practice.  It’s definitely a learning curve, and we can  help  each others.  I’ve  been  using  technology  in  practice  for  some  time  and  exploring  and  testing  out  tech  tools  with  my  students.   I  guess now I  can  put  my  skills  to  work!  Check  out  my  COVID-19  resource page  (click here)

Tip #1 – Realize that we can only do what we can

Tip #2 – Help kids understand whats going on and reassure them it will be ok

Tip # 3 – Learn how to take care of yourself

Tip #4 – Connect with others

tip #5 –  master one distance learning tool

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