Hands-On Apps for Diverse Learners | Edutopia

Diverse learners demonstrate engagement and creativity when introduced to interactive, tech-based learning tools through the game jam model of exploration.

Source: Hands-On Apps for Diverse Learners | Edutopia

One of the cool features in this article was a board game called Robot Turtles.  This game is for 3-5-year-olds and it teaches the basic concepts of coding.  For clinicians, this is a great way to get students to collaborate and use decision-making skills, working together on a common goal which is to move their pawn to the prize gem.  We all know games are a great way to improve on so many social-emotional learning skills.  Check out the following video clips about Robot Turtles.  This game is a great way to connect with the coding craze that is going on in the educational technology domain.  Code On!

Please provide feedback on this great game or the article.  How can you use these ideas from the article when working with your students?


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