Developing The 21st Century Social Worker -Schools of Social Work Are Making It Happen


The University at Buffalo School of Social Work is making its mark on helping their students use and understand how important technology is and how it can be used in the profession.  They have developed some great resources for social workers to use.  

Take a look at this video: The social worker’s guide to social media, by Dean Nancy Smyth.

On the School of Social Work site, you can find a list of resources for social workers to explore when using or looking for technology.  The list is beneficial and a great find.  Check it out below.


Click image to go to page


One of my other favorite go-to persons is Dr. Jennifer Edwards, Executive Director of Texas Social Medial Research Institute.  


Check out the research page and their twitter chat page.  Great source of information.

Laura Hitchcock is another social work professor (University of Alabama-Birmingham), that is making a mark in technology for social work.  Check out her blog, Teaching and Learning in social work.   

scope4scsDr. Erin Mason is from my hometown Chicago, so I can’t forget to mention her.  Dr. Erin Mason is an Associate Professor in the Counseling program at DePaul University in Chicago.  Dr. Mason is the developer of the blog, SCOPE.  SCOPE provides school counselors with information about the latest technology tools, trends, and resources. I have to give a little love to my fellow school counselor.  School counselors work with side by side with many social workers in schools.  Check Dr. Mason out on her blog – SCOPE –

I know there are others out there, like myself that are making a mark with technology in Social Work.  I don’t want to leave anyone out but, in blogging, make it short and sweet. 

How are you making your change to becoming a 21st-century social worker? Do you have any other great trailblazers in social work and tech? Leave me a comment!



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