I’m Flipping for the Flipp App For Financial Literacy

Flipp app blog

Before I begin to tell you how great this app is, I must state that I have not been compensated in any way to endorse this app.  I just really think its a well done app that incorporates. a lot of great features.

Besides this app being great for the bargain shopper, with all its bells and whistles, I can think of a number of ways that it can be used for teaching students how to budget, learn percentage increase and decrease, implementing math concepts, rounding and estimation and money management.  Take a look at the features of Flipp.

If your school has access to the internet or use tablets or chrome books, the app can be downloaded for free to use.  When you log into your google account and go to the home page for flipp,  https://app.flipp.com/  you will be able to go to weekly ads on your device and use the features on the computer.  I’m quite sure there are many teaching ideas that can be developed with this app.  Beside being helpful to the adult shopper, you can begin to teach younger students a little financial literacy.

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