End of School? Say goodbye with these creative tech tools

Many ways to say goodbye

The end of the school year is here, and everyone is shedding a tear.  Well maybe not everyone.  The end of the school year brings out many emotions for the students clinicians work with.  Students and teachers are anticipating the long-awaited summer break.  Many school staff have end of the year lessons and activities to assist the students with remembering their school year.  Although this isn’t an exhausted list, these are a few tools you can use with your students, to make a lasting impression.  Have some fun!

Auto Draw 

I Love this web-based tool.  It is very easy to use and has a quick learning curve.  It can be used on a I pad or tablet.  When used on a tablet, you can use a stylus to help with drawing of lines and objects.   This tool is like word predictor for texting but it predicts what you are trying to draw.  As you sketch out a picture you would like to use in your drawing,  this tool tries to give you choices (in a tool bar above your drawing), that may be similar to what you are trying to draw.   Draw a circle and petals, the predictor gives you ideas like tulips, roses, tree etc..  If you like the suggestions given, just click it and it is inserted in your picture frame.  

This tool gives you additional options of giving the lines color, filling the  inside of the picture with color.  You can add text, make shapes, rotate your drawing or move the object/drawing to different places on your frame.  You can also share your art design in a variety of ways, such as download it as a png file to print, or upload it to a social media site, or create a link to your drawing .  

This tool can be used with your students to be creative and make a quote, drawing or scene that relates to the ending of the school year.  Students can get very creative with these drawings they make and the best part is you can print the designs for the students to share or post them on your web site to share.  The creative possibilities are endless.

The Newspaper Clipping Generator

Make a newspaper clipping with your own headline and story.  Students can be creative and write about a specific school incident that they will remember, or write something funny about themselves and a friend.  

To download the newspaper, use the link at the bottom of the generated image.  The students can use the images as they wish.  You can put them on your own website or blog or print them out and make a class year book with articles.  Great creative idea.

Fake Text Generator 

Have fun with discussing a funny event that happened in the school year.  Students can work together to recreate an event and text about it.  Students can make “remember the time texts,” or create funny statements or conversations that may have happened.  

The website lets you fit between 35 and 50 words on one screen (a conversation between 2 different people). Then, you can take a screen shot of the conversation or right-click to save the picture as a jpeg.  There is a feature to print the page also.  Lots of fun here. There are a lot of ads on the page that say start download, so be careful not to use these ads.  The download button is in green and doesn’t have an ad logo in the right bottom of the ad.  

Breaking News Generator

With this tool, you can create a fake headline.  Upload a funny or expressive photo or a recreated class event and add your own new channel name, description, date and place.  This can also be downloaded to print and place in a class album or added to a class website.  

Keep Calm and Carry On themed posters

Great site that allows students to create posters that relate to saying goodbye.  There is also a quote maker and meme generator on this site.  You can download the images or share them to google sites or other social media.  

This site also allows these images to be used, so that you can purchase the quotes, and add them on t-shirts and other fantastic products.  You do not have to use these features to use the site.  

Have fun with these tools, and have a happy summer break!

Please comment on how you will use these tools.  Thanks





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